Consulting Options

Consulting for NGOs and in International Development Settings

We have worked with international development agencies and governments to understand and improve behaviors around the world. From Peru to Nigeria to India, we provide applied research and advisory services to organizations seeking to encourage new positive behaviors or dislodge problematic norms at scale. We support clients who seek to understand the motivational forces that support collective behaviors, and we design interventions to sustainably shift behaviors at scale. 


Consulting on Behavior in Organizations

Companies very often find it challenging to dislodge problematic patterns of behavior, such as failures of transparency or a culture of burnout. Organizational culture is often approached with fuzzy concepts, and clear paths to change may be difficult for leadership to identify. We work with companies to measure and change group behavior as it manifests itself in organizational settings. We help clients answer questions such as: How can social pressures within an organization shape the behavior of its employees? How do social networks influence groups’ behavior, and how can networks be restructured? How does culture impact behavior, and how can it be reconfigured?